internet connection
I have ADSL, if you need to download something or get to a site with a high speed connection I can let you use my connection.
web development
I do this for a living, so I could offer some kind of service in that regard.
digital camera
I can take pictures on my digicam for you. I won't lend this out however. Sorry. (it's a Nikon Coolpix 4500).
Basic Guitar Lessons
I don't know music. I can play basic chords and whatever other limited knowledge I have. Probably good enough for some campfire guitar.
CD / MP3 trade
I've got a bunch of cd's that I can lend to people. I've got a bunch of mp3's that I can give to people. I can get more mp3's.
I have experience teaching/tutoring english.
I've got Sci-fi, Fantasy, Computer, Gaming, plus various other books (DB forthcoming) available for lending.