Art Direction for short films / movies
I have some experience in indie productions and advertisements.
B&W Photography
35mm film only.
Directorial Skills
Theatre / Short films & videos.
Filmmaking Skills
8mm and 16mm lighting and editing, PA, Grip.
Film / Video Consulting
I can watch unfinished works and tell you what I think, in depth, with film theories, music video theories, video theories and stuff.
Basic Massage Therapy
I learned from a few blind masseuse while travelling in China.
Basic Animation
Basic Flash, Web, or Video
Basic Reason
A music generation program tutorial.
Basic Web Design
Computer Tech Support
Fixing, upgrades, diagnostics, spyware detection removal... used to work in a computer shop.
DVD Authoring / Programming
Up to 4GB, on DVD-R, custom interface.
Final Cut Pro / Premiere but don't have machine.
Graphics Illustrations
Vector based.
Photo manipulation, photo restoration.
Basic Reason
A music generation program turorial.
Trained as baritone but haven't sang publically for a while, will jam.. could offer basic lessons I guess.
Home made eclairs
I can make them for services or stuff.
I can offer lessons in Chinese.
I can offer lessons in English.
I need to polish up my French. I haven't used much since moving from Montreal years ago.
I have about 80 DVDs, will lend or exchange but not permanently as they are my babies.
Intellectual / Philosophical Discussions
Will trade for getting out of my loneliness / insanity or just my apartment for that matter.