acting and character voice work
I can act. I can provide character voices.
acting and voice acting lesson
I can sort of teach acting and particularly voice acting.
I can draw (but won't do tattoos).
drawing lesson
I can sorta teach drawing basics and tips (especially good at critiquing what's already there).
basic layout
Putting text in columns, around photographs - basic pagemaker stuff.
basic web design
I can do basic web design.
I can type stuff really fast.
I like games. I play Dungeons & Dragons. You too can learn to play, if you dare to dream to be as nerdy as I.
finding new music
I want to be exposed to music I've not heard before. I can't burn CDs, but I can lend CDs out if you can do the same (or burn me a selection).
I can teach English.
Want to trade books? Want to just borrow books? I have books. Mostly sci-fi and/or H.P. Lovecraft. Who has time to read anymore?
I don't have a car but I can drive automatics (not standards).
make vhs dubs
I can dub vhs tapes.
edit/check grammar
I can edit/check grammar.
help write resumés
I can help write resumés.
video editing
Need a little video editing done? I could maybe do some bigger jobs too but then we'd have to get some money involved, or at least some serious favours.