Adobe Illustrator
basic website design
THIS is the one I'm doing right now for city council.
CD burning
I can burn you stuff.
graphic design
I can design you a logo, business cards, brochures, whatever...
I have access to a sewing maching and can take care of basic hemming and the like.
I'm pretty bad, but I know the rules and I can get you onto a court for free.
I can offer tutoring, help with essays, or collaborate on projects (comics, films, songs) by writing scripts (I'm pretty creative). Impress those girls with my dirty yet charming limericks.
Help with essays (I'm an English major).
I've taken 1 university level course so I can teach characters, sentence structure (beware, it's tough) and some vocabulary.
baked goods
Mmm, I make some good treats (including 420). Can whip up something for you or teach you how in time for mom's birthday.
Ice Cream
I make home-made ice cream!
I'm a great Indian cook. Traditional butter chicken, naan, authentic chai, etc.
other food
I also make great chili (beer & chocolate version), jambalaya, sushi, pizza, etc.
Star Wars collectibles
Lunchboxes, toys, stuffed R2-D2 that "talks"....
I'm minoring in this. If you need a tutor... ("Canada's legistature is better than Britain's because blah blah blah...")
Pretty good at this, especially cover letters.
tour guide
I'm born and bred. Can help you wander Vancouver more effectively.